TITHES, OFFERINGS & ALMS: A Systematic Approach To Honouring God

By Pastor Muzangaza

This book is a manual for Christians who believe in honouring God with all that they possess. Love is ….

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Proverbs 3:9-10 (NIV)

The author demonstrates in this book that it is actually by a divine revelation of who God is that we are able to honour Him by systematically bringing our tithes, offerings and alms.

The Author

Mystery Muzangaza

Reverend Mystery Muzangaza is a Senior Pastor and a Teacher of God’s word with an Apostolic calling. He is the founding and Senior Pastor of the Harvest of Souls Ministries UK with branches in Liberia and Zimbabwe.

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Principles of Trusting God, #03 Fellowship with God

Principles of Trusting God, #03 Fellowship with God

The Bible is full of people that had fellowship with God. Our English word FELLOWSHIP comes from the Greek word in the Bible “koinonia” meaning to be in partnership or sharing common things together or having communion with each other. So, these biblical characters had a partnership with God, or they shared common things together with God. Fellowship speaks…

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